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 Ang isa ka million ug sa isa ka 1 night stand ..

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Vasto Lorde

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PostSubject: Ang isa ka million ug sa isa ka 1 night stand ..   Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:38 pm

I was inspired to share this story as I was contemplating on answering a thread about One Night Stands.

Here's a true story - mine.

Yeah, I still remember the times when I was hooking up with women from one side to the other. One night stand last night then another one night stand tonight. And it goes on and on and on until I finally noticed that I've done numerous one night stands with the same woman in the past few weeks. Then I suddenly stopped and wondered if she's thinking about the same thing. Or is it just me? That I am actually sharing her with different men and I am so enamored with her that I suddenly refused to share my bed with anyone but her? Oh my. I'm in trouble! I'm becoming weak in these hook up games and my weakness is being exposed by a woman who loves to wear her favorite pair of red stilletos. A woman who loves drinking coffee after heavy meals like I do. A woman who can bring me to seventh heaven with her shrills and cries while digging her glossy fingernails on my back as she arches hers in her delirious wriggling while having an orgasm of her own. I loved that kind of life with her. There is only one problem then... she wasn't mine.

I told her about how I felt one day while we're having coffee in a cafe with that easily recognized logo with a woman wearing a tiara while doing a yoga or something. I was thinking that it I'll just do her a favor of boosting her ego by admitting that I, a man who loves to play the field, was so mesmerized by her that I turned exclusive for her willingly. Imagine my surprise when I learned that we've been exclusively going out the past few weeks! I'm not surprised, though, of the fact that none of us had the courage to ask the other about it.

None of us offered to label the newly-discovered (just between us anyway) kind of relationship. Familiar of the term, kami pero hindi kami? It was like that, but only exclusive. It was like that but several notches more intimate. It lasted for exactly one year. On and off, on and off, on and off. It was our sanctuary, that bond... that relationship. A world exclusive to just the two of us. I never met her friends and family and she never met mine. They only exist in our conversations. We shared dreams (not ours together, but ours separately), complaints, problems, & what nots. Yes, there are also times when we lent each other money when the other's a little short on budget.

Then the day came when she met me for the last time. I thought it was just another ordinary day. We made love (this is the first time I'd refer to this as such because we would always refer to it as fcuking), shared stories the way we always do and made love again. When the time came for her to leave, she hugged me tight. Then she said "I'm not sure if you know this too but this is the anniversary of the first time we shared each other's desires." I laughed. She laughed, too. I never thought she'd remember something as intimate as an anniversary. She held me tight once more. Kissed me long and hard and without looking back, went out the door and straight to the elevator. As I followed her to check if she's OK, I caught a glimpse of her face before the elevator doors closed. I swear I saw tears streaming down her face.

I felt a lump in my throat. I was worried. I never worried before whenever she said goodbye after our interludes. My legs suddenly started to wobble that I had to sit down on the edge of the bed to keep me from falling. I did one thing I swore I'd only do when its a matter of life and death. I picked up the phone to send a message to her PocketBell. The operator told me that the service has already been discontinued days ago. I started to panic. We don't know each other's last names, home address, or even business address. We just met in a party in a gimmick place and thought that exchanging personal information after that fateful night when we left the party place together would just be a nuisance. (We will just go to our meeting place at predetermined dates and times and we would set up between 3-5 of these everytime we'd meet just in case one of us would miss the first scheduled meet-up after that) Except for her pager number that I asked for without knowing why one day while we're together. The time came when I needed to use it and it was plainly useless.

Meet-up schedule one passed by. No sight of her. Meet-up schedule two, the same result. Meet-up schedule three, four, and five passed by - still nothing. Then finally a few weeks after the meet-up schedule five, I went to our meeting place. A waiter approached me and gave me a piece of folded paper. It was from her. I read it. These were her words as written on that piece of paper that I still have up to this day:

She said, "Jay (my nickname), thank you for everything. I'm in Australia by now so don't wait nor look for me anymore. I broke an unwritten rule and that's why I decided to leave - I loved you, Jay. Yes, all those times we were together. You made me feel what it was like to love and be loved in return eventhough we never actually voiced our feelings for each other. At least that's how I felt - I'm sorry but I will never give you the chance to correct that if I'm wrong. Haha. It will ruin the moment. I have bone cancer. It's in the advanced stages. I only have a few weeks left and I'll be spending it with my Mom and Dad. I'm sure you wouldn't mind. Live your life to the fullest, Jay! The way I did when I lived it with you. Be happy! I will miss you. Terribly. Your favorite CD that I borrowed is still with me. Can I keep it? Thanks! Try to forget about me. I love you."

I crumpled the note and then I put it inside my pocket. I left the place and walked home and went straight to my room. Then, for the first time after more than a year - I cried.

There you go Ms. xSparkzeex! I hope I was able to answer your question with this short story.
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Ang isa ka million ug sa isa ka 1 night stand ..
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